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Furi Corporation is the best real estate company in is to become the Best property development company in Cambodia.

Business licenses and permits application in Cambodia.

(Get Your Business License, for start-ups and small businesses in need of a business license, permit, or tax registration)

FURI Corporation provides all Business licenses and permits application services in Cambodia. Anyone would like to conduct any types of business in Cambodia needs a Ministry of commerce business license and current Tax Patent. You must need a new business license even if you change your business location, ownership or name, so come to Furi Corporation for Business License and Permits Consultancy in Cambodia. Furi Corporation has expert team being specialized at Business licenses and permits application providing assistance to small companies as well as big one.

Business licenses and permits application in Cambodia.

Types of Business licenses:

  • 1)  Construction License
  • 2)  Chain Store License
  • 3)  Exhibitors Affidavit license
  • 4)  Liquor license Renewals and transfers
  • 5)  Peddlers License
  • 6)  Scrap Metal Processor Junk Dealer and Agent license
  • 7)  Storage Warehouse license
  • 8)  Traders License
  • 9)  Transient Vendors license
  • 10)  Vending machine license
  • 11)  Slot machine Licenses
  • 12)  Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems Retailer License
  • 13)  Micro market License

Business Entity Options:

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Single Membership private limited company
  • Private limited liability company
  • Public limited liability company
  • Others

What you will get from:

  • Company name searching
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Company certificate
  • Official stamp of the company
  • Letter of registration confirmation
  • Free translation and interpretation of the above documents where needed
  • Free commercial and registration consultancy


  • License Requirements Research
  • License Assessment
  • License compliance
  • License Filling
  • License custom Research
  • International Business Licenses

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